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DELUXE SERVICE: Deluxe service gives ourclient more companien facilities such as softer and thicker Mattress for sleeping, covered toilet shelter, camping chair, dinning table and high-quality foods. 
STANDAR SERVICE: Standard service uses communal trekking equip, ideal for trekkers used to a rustic and basic trekking experience.  

We appreciate and welcoming customers who are going on vacation while running bussiness such blogger, programer, video maker and ect. You may join us in various type of vacation that have been listed and of course with friendly price we will give if you may help us to promote or recommend our services and give us responsibility for your safety and your adventure satisfaction.  


  • Bring an optional alcohol-based antiseptic solution (hand sanitizer).
  • Free of covid -19 by showing the letter in advance that has been obtained from your health agency 
  • Do not touch the face with hands. use disposable tissue paper to clean the nose 
  • the number in 1 group is max 8 people or more and comes from a covid-19 free zone
  • Dispose of food waste which is classified as exotic type and invasion type in the provided place.   

Honey Rinjani is official Best trekking agency on  Mt.Rinjani providing variety trekking package suit for Asian Guest and European along with several tour in Lombok that are Environmentally friendly and sustainable. it doesn’t matter if you are average hikers climb new volcano every week or look for more relaxed trekking experience from our different tour packages you can choose the right one for your very own Honey Rinjani, due we have exlusive package for beginner hikers. We Employed profesional guide and porters which is experienced in the field of tour and trekking who have been undergone 3 month training process.!   Beside organizing tours we do support Contribution to save nature for future do rubbish clean up and grounding the variety kind of trees plantation in mountain, This program is also got supported local government national park by involving people who live down at feet of Mt.Rinjani.  

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